Attendance check

The option to mark an unreliable client (No-show) is important for all of you, who have experienced a customer who made a booking but did not show up. With this feature, you will have an overview of how many times your client was a No-show.

In the section Clients, you will find a customer and click on the booking that you need to update. This booking will open in your calendar window and you can update the Booking Status. You can see the statistics - the number of total bookings and even of no shows when you click on this client. The next option for this update is to click on the reservation directly in the calendar and select Booking status.

Blocking of the client

You'll appreciate this feature in case you don't wish this client continue making bookings in your business.
Select the client in the section Clients, click on the setting button (cog icon) and choose Block. This blocked client will not be able to make booking through the booking link - you can unblock him following the same instructions, choosing the option Unblock. All blocked clients will be marked with a visible red warning icon next to their name.