With any premium plan, you will be able to run certain reports and export the data you need. There are these options available:

Print of a daily schedule
For printing the daily schedule of your calendar just click on the settings icon in the upper right corner of your calendar. There, you will see the option called Print. After clicking on this option, you can choose the exact date of the schedule, also an employee if you wish to print the daily schedule of only one of them, and there are also options for adding a space for a note to every appointment and 
for printing every appointment on a separate page.

Export of clients 

    1. Exporting all clients and their information - for exporting all of your clients go to the Clients page in your account.             On the left side, you will see the options for exporting and importing the clients.
        You can export your clients in either a
 .csv or a .pdf file. Choose one of these options and the list of your clients will be

         automatically generated and downloaded into your computer.

    2. Exporting one client and his reservations - for exporting only one of your clients, go to the Clients page in your account and choose the client you need to export. Then click on the settings icon in the upper right corner of the client's settings and choose the option for Export. After clicking on this option this client and all of the information about his reservations will be exported and downloaded into your computer.