Sending of SMS and email messages

The Reservation system allows sending automated email and SMS messages to your clients about the status of their bookings. At the same time, you and your staff can be informed about new bookings too.

To set SMS and email notifications for the administrator of the account, go to Business and then select Settings. Click on the section dedicated to SMS + E-mail notifications. You will see several options:

  • In the first one, you can set your phone number on which you can be informed about new bookings: Set up your phone number to deliver SMS notificationsFill the number

  • To send SMS notifications, you need to have activated a premium package. You can activate it in the second option: You have no prepaid SMS messages. Buy SMS package

  • Then, for each message type, select the delivery channel: email, SMS, both, or none.

  • If you want to be informed about news and tips from Reservio, select the email option.

The last option allows you to set up messaging to clients and define custom content of all notifications: Set up custom message in section messages.