Statistics of bookings, calendar utilization, amount of new and returning clients, reservation source, an overview of employees and their reservations, an overview of services and the number of reservations and overview of passes

Premium plans have the option for you to view several important factors and details that allow you to better evaluate your business and progress.
The premium feature of Statistics can be found in section Business - Dashboard, and by clicking on the Show statistics button. The system will offer you the details of the following parameters:

Amount of reservations for a certain time frame

  • Shows you how many reservations were made in your account for the selected period of time. You can compare these details selecting different time frames based on selected days, or weeks.

Calendar utilization and events

  • this is one of the most important factors, where you can see the occupancy of your services. In other words, you can see the free capacity, that you can be booking.

Amount of clients

  • You can see, how many percent of your clients are first-timers, and how many of them are returning customers.

Reservation source

  • Graphically shows you the amount of bookings created directly inside the calendar and how many reservations were made through your booking link - by clients.

Staff overview

  • Shows you the particular staff members of your account, and how many bookings  were made with your staff members. You can also view the results as revenues for particular services.

Service overview

  • Shows you the number of reservations received for particular services and expected revenue from these services.


  • If you are using Passes for your services and you currently have any passes assigned to your clients, this feature will give you an overview of all the passes that are currently in use and their current revenue.