Synchronization with Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal calendar.

To synchronize your calendar, go to the Calendar tab. You will see a schedule for the current week. In the upper right corner, click on the cog icon. Select the first option from the menu: Sync Calendar.

You can choose whether to synchronize all your calendars or just a calendar of the selected employee. Calendar sync will guarantee that staff members always have an updated overview of new bookings. They just take a look into their Google Calendar, Outlook, or smartphone. This way, they can be well prepared for a client visit and there is no risk that they’d forget about any booking. 

For two-way synchronization, click on the blue "Connect with Google Calendar" button.

For one way synchronization, check the "Share calendar" checkbox and copy the .ics link to the new browser window. The file will start downloading automatically, and then you can import it into your Outlook or iCal calendar.

Synchronization feature is available with any premium plan - Starter, Standard or PRO
, it is not available in the Free version of Reservio.