If your Bookings are set to manually approve bookings, there are several ways how you can find out, that a new booking was made (if this option is untagged, only the number of received bookings will change in the field of the corresponding event).

  • In the Calendar tab a number, indicating how many new bookings have been made, will appear.
  • A notification about a new booking request appears above the Calendar in the Calendar tab. It includes the name of the client and the name of the event being booked.
  • The event, which the booking is made for, is hatched.
  • You also receive an email notification about the new request.

Now you need to confirm (or reject - it is up to you) the request. You open the event by clicking on it or clicking the notification including the new booking. An Events window with the following information appears:

  • Client´s name
  • Client´s email
  • Client´s phone number

At the end of this line, you will also find an option to Confirm or Reject the booking. Just click the one option you want and you will approve or decline it. Reservio automatically sends the client the information, whether he can look forward to the event or no.