In the Business tab, you can edit the opening hours. Clients will book just for specific events, which are taking place at times you selected. That is why they will not see the opening hours on your pages.

Simply open the Business details, where you can scroll down to the Opening hours tab. Just click anywhere on it and an editing window will open.

  • Opening hours can be set by clicking the +Add hours button. A table will appear with the bars FROM, TO and a list of days.
  • In the FROM tab, you will set the time, when you open and in the TO tab, you set the closing time.

  • In the list of days, you can now tag for which the entered opening hours apply. Do it by clicking on all the relevant days. After that, just click the Add button and the opening hours are added.

Maybe you have different opening hours on different days, or you need to set, for example, an afternoon break. You can do this by clicking again on the +Add hours button after adding the first working hours. Then add the working hours for other days (or you can set morning working hours in the first case and afternoon working hours in the second case).

Edit the already set opening hours in exactly the same way.

Simply click on the requested time in the Opening hours tab and the same table, as the one you used when entering the working hours will appear. As soon as the opening hours are set for particular days, save your changes by clicking Edit.