Click on the button Add staff and a window will open. In this window you simply add a new staff. You only have to fill out two bars:

  • Name (under this name you will see the staff in Reservio and also your clients will see it when choosing a service- so be careful with funny nicknames ;-))
  • Short bio, in which you very shortly describe your staff- again, not only you, but also your clients will see this during the booking.

Now what is left is the Notify staff member about new bookings. Be aware that this is included only in the Premium service. If you are interested in this kind of option, you need to obtain those services first. It is sure to pay off. As soon as you tag this option, your staff member will always receive a notification about the new booking. This way, the staff member has always a good overview about who and when is coming to them. Thanks to this, they know what to prepare for regular clients and there is no risk of forgetting the client.

After all of this is done, don't forget to click the Save button. Now clients can book new courses with the new staff (or you can click on Cancel, but in that case all the previous setting would be useless).