Right in your event window, you can easily open the information card of the client who signed up for this event. Just click on his name.

In the right corner of the event window, there are three buttons: Edit, Print, and Share.

We have already mentioned the Edit button, so let's take a look at the other two.


The print button enables you to print out the information about the event. Just activate your Premium services and take advantage of it!

  • Besides the fact, that you have all the information available in black and white and you can easily add your notes, you can also show the schedule to your trainer, doorman, jealous wife or husband anytime you need.
  • It's also useful when you need to check attendance. You can clearly see which clients skip the events regularly and next time offer the place to others.


Share is an interesting button as well. It enables you to share the event on social networks to attract more clients.

Just click on the button and you see a menu with these options Share on Facebook, Share on Twitter and Share on Google+. Clicking on the selected social network opens a window with the social network.

Add a short comment and share it with one click (of course, you need to be logged in to do that).

The advantages are quite obvious:

  • Information about your event reaches lots of people in a very short time.
  • If a couple of your clients share it, you can quickly gain a lot of new ones.
  • Furthermore, if you share it for example 48 hours before the event with the note that there are only 5 places left, you will be surprised how quickly will the spaces be filled in.