Additional options can be found in the left part of the Clients tab.

  • The first one is searching for clients by name. Simply click the field with the Search client sign and start typing the name of the client. The number of tabs will be automatically suggested to those which fit the search.
  • Right under the search option, you will see the option Export clients. You can choose from the CSV and PDF formats. You will surely appreciate CSV if you wish to send newsletters to clients or information about sales. It is the CSV format that works very well when sending mass e-mails via programs like Mailchimp. PDF is good for printing out the client list and to add notes to the list. All you need to do is activate the Premium services and you can start exporting.
  • Underneath you will find one more detail. That is information about the number of clients, including limits, which are set. The automatic limit is 100 clients. When it becomes insufficient, just activate Premium services. For as little as 10 USD per month, you can add as many clients into the Reservio system as you wish.