If your Bookings are set to manually approve bookings, there are several ways how you can find out that a new booking was made (if this option is untagged, the new appointment will just appear in the Calendar).

  • In the Calendar tab a number, indicating how many new bookings have been made, will appear.
  • A notification about a new booking request appears above the Calendar in the Calendar tab. It includes the name of the client and the service being booked.
  • In the Calendar, on that specific date and time, a new slot with the clients name will appear.
  • You also receive an email notification about the new request.

Now you need to confirm (or reject - it is up to you) the request. You can open the appointment by clicking on it, or by clicking on the notification including the new booking. A window with the following information appears:

  • Client´s name and contact information,
  • Time of the appointment,
  • Type of the service,
  • Staff member, that the client booked the service with

At the end of the table, you will notice two buttons - the blue one with Confirm and a red one with Reject. Choose the corresponding one, depending on whether you want to confirm or reject the booking.

If you reject it, a window pops-up, where you can write a polite, but clear message to your client explaining why you have rejected his booking. If you confirm it, a field with a particular booking will become fully colored, instead of being just hatched.