You can edit the opening hours in the Business tab. Simply open the Business details, and scroll all the way down to the Opening hours section. Click anywhere on it and an editing window will open.

You can edit the opening hours yourself, the same way you set them during the registration:

  • Click on the time range highlighted in blue.

  • An editing window will appear in front of you. It has marked days for which the given opening hours are valid.

  • You can add another day simply by tagging the day in the offer (or cancel an already added day by untagging it).

  • Requested time intervals can be set by clicking on the hours in the FROM and TO bars. As soon as you have set the opening hours for selected days, save the changes by clicking Save.

  • If you need to set specific opening hours for your staff members (in case they work different hours than your general ones), you can click on the option in the yellow frame - Visit Staff. There, you can choose a particular employee and set custom opening hours.