Time setting is an important feature in Reservio. You will find it under the Business tab. Click on the Settings section and scroll down to the Localization part; here you can set, among other things, the correct time zones, time format or the day, with which the week starts in your company.

While doing this, think about your clients (more exactly, think about which time zones they are in - if your enterprise has branches in other countries than the headquarter, in particular).

  • For Time zone editing, just click on the roll-out list with automatically set time zones. Then pick the one, which is correct for your business.
  • In the Date format, you can pick the style in which the dates are shown on your booking pages. There are options to either start with days or months.
  • In the Time format, you set, whether you want to use the 24-hour format or the 12-hour (AM/PM) format. It is all up to your convenience.
  • The last option is setting the day a week starts with. You can choose between Sunday or Monday. Once again, all depending on the habits you or your clients have.

And of course, don't forget to Save your settings :-).