Information about your staff can also be easily edited, of course. Simply click on the bar with the staff you want to edit. A form, almost identical with the one you use when adding staff members, will open, but compared to adding, you have some new options:

  • Calendar Synchronization - to synchronize, just click on the Set up synchronization button (be aware that this is a Premium feature). Using this, the staff member will always have an overview, only by looking into their Google calendar or smartphone. Thanks to this he/she can always be well prepared and there is no risk of forgetting a booking.
  • You will also notice a new box with the feature of scheduling vacations or adjusting booking hours on specific dates. After clicking the Manage schedule text (it is to be found right next to the question) a table will open. Here, you edit the booking hours of the given staff for particular days. You can pick specific days when this staff member needs some adjustments in the schedule, and modify the opening hours.
    • You can easily change the booking hours of any day by clicking the Add hours sign. Then just set the requested hours with the FROM and TO bars. As soon as you set them, you just click Add and a new schedule will be saved.
    • The next step is clicking the Finish button, and you get back into the original editing window.

Now just click the Save button. This way you save all your changes and close the window.

In the editing window of the staff, you can also delete them from the system. Just click the Delete button in the lower-right corner, and confirm this choice in a window which will appear.