After clicking the button Add staff a window will open with some simple bars.

Fill them in one by one:

  • Name (under this name you will see the staff in Reservio and also your clients will see it when choosing a service- so be careful with funny nicknames ;-))
  • Short description, in which you very shortly describe your staff- again, not only you, but also your clients will see this during the booking.
  • Services offered by the staff. In the Assigned services box click on the roll down list. Notice that the All services option is automatically tagged. Choose the option from the list, that your new staff offers, or leave all of them tagged.

Now, two more options, which you can set concerning your staffs, are left:

  • The first one is Notify staff member about new appointments via email. Be aware that this is included only in the Premium service. If you are interested in this kind of option, you need to obtain those services first. It is sure to pay off. As soon as you tag this option, your staff member will always receive a notification about the new booking. This way, the staff always has a good overview about who and when is coming to them. Thanks to this, they know what to prepare for returning clients and there is no risk of, forgetting the client, for example,.
  • Second option is Set custom booking hours. If you tag this option, the same schedule as you have seen in entering opening hours during your registration will appear. Using this, you will assign hours, during which your staff works for you. It is ideal for part-time workers who are working shorter hours.

After that, simply click on the Save button and the staff is in the Reservio system.

Guide image - Add a new staff


Imagine having a new staff, who is called Rick Dumpling. His line of work is phone calls and his working hours are Mondays to Fridays except Wednesdays from 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM and 3:15 PM - 4:00 PM on a Wednesday.

  • In the name box enter Rick Dumpling.
  • Into the description add a short characteristic. Since Rick is proud to be from Denver, you can add it there ;-)
  • Now click on the sign All services in the Assign services bar. A list will unfold. Here untag the All services option by clicking on it and tag the Phone calls option.
  • Finally, tag the Set your own booking hours option. First click on the assigned time in the schedule that appears. Set the bar FROM to 9:00 AM and the bar TO to 6:00 PM and after that click to set the days. Click on days which it concerns, that is Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday (you can also untag Wednesday- depending on what will be easier concerning what opening hours you have set) and confirm with the button Edit. Click the Add hours button, tag Wednesday, set the bar FROM to 3:15 PM, and the bar TO to4:00 PM and click the button Add.

Now just click Save and Rick can start working! :-)