After choosing the Services section under the Business tab, you will see all of your services clearly organized (including the staff list and description).

Next to each of them, you will also find the buttons for sorting the services. You can sort them, for example, according to popularity. The clients will then see them in the same order on your booking page.

Next to the arrows, there is also a button with the cog icon. Use it to edit the service. If you already added a new service before, you will find the Edit form familiar. This form allows you to change the service name, description, duration, price, also the staff responsible for this service, color, and it also allows you to add the additional question for the client into the booking form, or temporarily disable (or enable) the online bookings by selecting (or disabling) the last option (Customers can book this service).

The only difference occurs at the end of the editing window - instead of two buttons, you will find three. By clicking on the Save button, you save the changes. If you click Cancel, the window closes without saving any changes. And if you click Delete, you erase the service completely.