You’ve waltzed through the 3 steps and there’s just one more ahead of you. No worries, it’s super easy. All that’s left is to fill in who provides your service.

Guide image - Finish the registration

One more example would come in handy:

Imagine that you are a beautician with 3 staff members. We can call them John, Frank and Tom. John is your stand-in and can perform every one of the offered services. Frank specializes in make-up and Tom is great with skin care and diagnosis.

You'll easily put it all down into the system.

  • Choose option Service provided by more people and write down John's name.
  • Click on available services, mark all the services and you have just added your first staff member.
  • As you filled in the name of your first staff member, a small field opened for you to add another staff to the list. Now you can add Frank.
  • Again, click on Assigned services and mark only Make-up.
  • Now add Tom to the list.
  • Choose Skin Diagnosis and Skin Care from the Assigned services.
  • Click on Finish Setup and your registration is complete!

After the registration is complete, you’ll be automatically signed in to the Reservio system. You’ll also receive an e-mail confirming your registration and giving you some handy advice on how Reservio can help you boost your business.

You’ve just taken the biggest step. How about checking out how to create a booking?